To study English in the United Kingdom, it is important to find the right course in the right school or college, to lay the foundation for your future. We are here to give you guidance to progress in the right direction. 

We will find the best course and school for you.

Do you want to study English in the United Kingdom?

UK Education Center connects you to the best schools and colleges in the United Kingdom. We have built up many contacts with schools and colleges which teach English. We are able to provide suitable courses for students, employees, trainees, individuals and sponsored groups.

When you contact us we will find you a suitable course to continue your further education in the UK. If you come from a non-English speaking country, the first step will be learning English. After we find out about your English, we will help you to find the right course in a school or college.

If you want to study English in the United Kingdom, we can suggest a language college for you, or help you to join a school that you have already chosen anywhere in the country.

There are many different English Language courses: from beginner to advanced, lasting from just one week to 51 weeks.

Classes are normally in groups of 6 to 8 students, but there can be up to 12 students in a class, depending on their level and needs.

There are also one to one courses available if you want to learn English in the United Kingdom. All courses can be part time (15 hours per week) or full time (30 hours per week). Where possible and depending on the college you are at, we arrange UK and London sightseeing tours for the students during the holidays.

When you have done your English course, if you want to go on to further university education, we can help you to find a place there. This will depend on what you want to achieve in life. In order to start the process, please contact us.