Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I find an English language course?

As soon as you contact us, our consultants will help you to find a suitable course according to your level and preferences.

How can I enroll in an English language college or school?

After assessing your English language level by our consultants, an institution of English will be offered to you. All your enrollment process will be done by us.

How much would be the course tuition fees?

The tuition fees are varying from institution to institution depending on the type of course you choose to study. We will not charge the students for our services, you will only pay the school/college fee unless there is a cancellation on behalf of the student. In this case there would be a consultation fee chargeable.

How can I obtain student visa?

Your visa approved!
Visa Application Support

When our consultants find an English language course and when you are accepted by your course provider then your consultant will help you to apply for your visa to your nearest British Embassy.