Registration Process

  • Registration process

You have made that important decision to broaden your English language level so we are here to help you achieve your goal. The process of applying for a place at an English language school through us is very easy and straightforward.

  • Introductory consultation

When we receive your first email,  you will be contacted by one of our consulting team members who will send you our registration form. In case you have some English language knowledge already and wish to improve your language level  an appointment will be arranged for assessment (for those outside the UK this can be done via telephone or Skype). If you want to start learning English from the basic level then there is no need for assessment meeting or telephone/Skype interviews.

  • Assessment

We will assess your English levelOur assessments are usually done remotely by sending you the form with instructions and you return them to us when completed. Normally when we receive our registration form we will have an understanding of your language level (or you will tell us if you are a beginner or at a more advanced level). If we need to assess your English language level it will be a conversation in English to try and find out your level and offer the most suitable course and college/school to you.

  • Finding English course for you

After the assessment, your consultant will search our database of English language courses and institutes to find a suitable course according to your background education and knowledge.  After finding the right course at the right school, you will be enrolled for your course and you will receive an information letter about your course  from your course provider as you may need that when you are applying for your student visa.

  • Applying for your Visa

If you come from any country which you need visa to come to the UK, then you need to apply for your visa through your nearest British Embassy or Consulate in your country. If you find it difficult to do that we can help you with your visa process, there will be a fee to pay.

  • Welcome Meeting

At an extra fee (£70) when you arrive to the air port in London, we can send our representative and a taxi to take you to your accommodation.  The next day you will be taken to your English school which you have been enrolled for you course where you will meet all your teachers and staff. You will be given your study time table at the start of your course.