Support before you travel

  • Free school consultation

At UK Education Center, we offer free consultation and application services for English language schools and colleges. We will offer suitable schools and curriculum according to your request based on the period you want to stay and budget.

  •  Visa application support

If you need a student visa we offer visa application support if you have applied to a school and paid a deposit. Please note that the fees for visa application (if any) are separate from your tuition fees and should be paid by you.

  • Accommodation arrangements

You can arrange your own accommodation however if you need help we can organise a shared house, temporary hotel, family living etc before you arrive. Please let your advisor to help you with your accommodation before you travel via email.

  • Do you need extra (special) support?

Any support you may need before you travel can be arranged for an extra fee. Please let your consultant know about any special requirement. You can contact us by sending an email.

**We recommend you to visit this page for information on student life in the UK**.